Tuesday, 9 May 2017



We need R1 000 000 to invest in forex trading. We want to change the narrative that forex is a scam and make a difference in people's lives. We have been studying forex trading for years and have now found the best method of always beating the forex market.
We have a tried-and-tested system of making money. With this trading strategy, at least 20% profit of an initial investment can be earned every month (i.e., 100% profit in five months). We are experienced investors with a great low-risk, high-return investment strategy. You may invest any amount from R5 000 to R1 000 000. To show you that we mean business, our leader can meet you in Soweto or at any (safe) place you choose. We are willing to enter into a contractual agreement with you, especially if you invest at least R100 000.

The global forex market, in which we partake, has trillions of dollars in circulation. Anyone who wants to make a difference in his/her life can invest with us.

We have been making profit on demo accounts. Our challenge is that we do not have enough equity to make a meaningful investment and profit. We believe there is strength in numbers. The more money in our account, the higher is the profit we will make. We wish everyone can invest with us to benefit from our excellent trading skills.

As mentioned earlier, we are highly profitable traders.

Our goal is to be a multibillion-pound trader in the next 3 to 5 years. We know this is possible with your assistance. We will then use the money to give bursaries to students and invest in startup companies with great growth potential.

Join us now to make a meaningful contribution to your wealth and improve the socio-economic situation of our people.

if you are interested in this grand opportunity, please contact us on +27 11 073 0557 or at info@zero027.com. 

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